Again taking a contrarian view, the Progressive portfolio has an allocation weighted 90% to the growth instruments of the Fortuna SICAV-SIF. However, the risk as rated by the DFM only steps up to medium-high due to the restricted use of equities within the portfolio. The flagship fund Valisa Capital Markets offers capital gains uncorrelated to mainstream markets without the downside equity risk, and allocations to private equity and convertible securities also increase. It is the opinion of the DFMs Investment Committee that Alpha can be attained within these areas, as during the continued CV-19 pandemic the committee wish to remain as uncorrelated as possible to mainstream markets. Volatility will increase in line with the risk rating of the model. There remains a small allocation to the defensive position of the Athena Global Growth UCITS. The portfolio is 30 day liquid, although it is predominantly designed for clients with a 3-5 year time horizon. 

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